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Balsamic Vinegar comes from the most simple sugar and vinegar fermentation of cooked must but the real secret lies in the aging process which is carried out in sets of different wooden barrels over a long period of time. The refining of the bouquet which grows ever more intense, delicate and pleasant to smell and to taste, is the most complex and delicate phase and this is when the experience of the master vinegar maker is essential.

While the acetification process of ordinary vinegar is based on wine, the production of the precious balsamic vinegar is based on cooked must. The classical tradition has it that the production is made in small wooden barrels arranged in sets of no less than three. The three production phases are: alcoholic fermentation, acetic oxidisation and ageing. The most common woods used for the barrels are oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry, ash and juniper. Each one lends a particular aroma to the vinegar and makes it unique. Balsamic Vinegar can be used neat to dress salads and crudities, on flakes of aged cheese, to liven up mayonnaise, creams, pastes. It marries perfectly with all red meats, with game or with white meats and there is just one handy hint: it should be added to cooked food only at the end of cooking, so as not to lose its aroma and volatile bouquet.
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