About Us

As you may have guessed, we are seriously passionate about food,
and especially about olive oil. As Italians, we were raised on it and probably
have rarely gone without it on a daily basis. It is our Golden Nectar. It was
drizzled into our first “pappe” (mushy baby meals), spiced to top our pizzas,
passed around the table to dress our salads, rubbed liberally on every roast,
poured generously into every sauce, used in lieu of butter in our favorite
sweets – we’ve even seen our grandmothers condition their hair with the
olive oil sitting in the kitchen cupboard!  

So in 2004, we packed our bags and flew from Venice, Italy to Venice, California,
with a little olive oil and a lot of zeal, convinced that the discerning market in the
States would immediately appreciate the genuineness of our products, the
sincerity of our mission.

Our goal is to collaborate with the most exceptional Italian producers – mainly
small family farms and cooperatives - people who are not kidding about making
the best, purest, most genuine and delicious olive oil on Earth and bottle their
top grades to create Olio&Olive’s range of products, which we then bring to you.
We also strive to educate our client base about olive oils so that you know how
to identify them and to seek out the qualities you prefer. Not all olive oils are
created equal, and a good one will make the difference in every single dish.
We want olive oil to become the common denominator in all your meals!

Our olive oils are used in the most renowned kitchens throughout Italy, and are
spreading like wildfire in the kitchens of the most celebrated Stateside chefs –
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of our favorite chefs whose kitchens are always stocked with our olive oils.

In addition to providing our customers with what we are convinced are the finest
olive oils in the world, we bring you a tightly scrutinized and edited assortment of
excellent Italian olives, balsamic vinegars, pastas, sauces, Italian cured meats, cheeses
and other Italian products which we consider essentials. We vet each of our
sources to make sure we are offering you not just the best and tastiest, but that
we are actually buying what we intend to use in our own kitchen! This list of
products continues to grow as we run back and forth to Italy, finding excellent
products to help you grow and expand your knowledge and appreciation for food.

And at the heart of our business, there is a commitment to providing impeccable
service. That means that we are readily available to answer your questions and
make your shopping experience with Olio&Olive as satisfying as possible.
We know you will be utterly convinced after trying our products that your meals
are healthier, fresher and more delicious than ever!


From all of us at Olio&Olive.