About Us

Olio&Olive is an online retail gourmet store for high end Italian gastronomic products. Back in 2004, we started our primary business as an importer and distributor of top olive oils, serving fine restaurants, hotels and specialty shops in California and the western US. The natural evolution of our company saw an expansion in our range of Italian food products available to our customers. With this expertise, deep knowledge of the industry and producers spanning all the regions of Italy, we bring you a meticulously scrutinized and edited assortment of excellent Italian olive oils, balsamic vinegars, pastas, sauces, Italian cured meats, cheeses, olives, specialty seafood items, chocolates and other Italian products.

Our passion is food made by artisans, following traditions and slow process. We vet each of our sources to make sure you are getting the best and tastiest products that we intend to use in our own kitchens! This list of products continues to grow as we make frequent sourcing trips to Italy, scouting out exceptional producers and must-have new items. We eliminate the need to drive around from grocery store to specialty store in search of those favorite foods you discovered on your last trip to Italy.

We want to provide you with impeccable service along with the very best quality foods. Special attention is given to how your order is packaged and shipped so that it arrives in perfect condition. We are readily available to answer your questions and make your shopping experience with Olio&Olive as satisfying as possible.

Buon appetito!