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Caffarel, a company located in Turin, Italy, enjoys the undisputed reputation of creating Italy's finest chocolates and candies, and has become world-renowned as the very first company to create the indulgence gourmands call, Gianduia (john-doo-ya). By using 28% - 30% Piedmont Hazelnuts, Caffarel achieves a unique melting temperature and a velvety texture to complement the gianduia flavor. Produced by extrusion (dropped onto plates), without the limitations imposed by moulds, Caffarel's Gianduia has a special consistency that is not too soft and not too hard, and a rich flavor that simply cannot be duplicated. Don't eat it all in one day!!

Recognized as one of the most exciting new gourmet food companies by Gambero Rosso magazine (Italy’s premiere magazine for food lovers), La Molina has quickly become a desirable luxury brand, sought out by a most discerning clientele. Many of La Molina chocolates are genuinely innovative using state of the art technology, new ingredients and unusual flavor combinations often inspired by the Tuscan food tradition. The ingredient combinations are always elegant, harmonious and subtle, whilst the chocolate remains the standout component.
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Caffarel Cones "Caffarellino" Gianduia Filled Caffarel Extra Dark Chocolate With Salt Bar
Caffarel Extra Dark Chocolate Bar With Salt 100gr/3.5oz
Our Price: 6.50
Deal of the Day Price: 3.50
Savings: $3.00
In Stock
Caffarel 75% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar Caffarel Extra Dark Chocolate With Orange Fratelli Lunardi Chocolate Chunk Cantucci
Fratelli Lunardi Almond Cantucci Caffarel Gelatine di Frutta Assorted Fruit Jellies
Caffarel Fondente Chocolate Bar
Caffarel Latte Chocolate Bar
Our Price: 8.90
(Out of Stock)
Caffarel Piemonte Gianduia Chocolate Bar With Whole Hazelnuts Scaldaferro Mandorlato Bites in Gondola Box
Caffarel Piemonte Dark Chocolate Bar With Whole Hazelnuts 200gr
Our Price: 12.50
Deal of the Day Price: 9.50
Savings: $3.00
In Stock
Caffarel Assorted Cremini Bag 8.9oz
Our Price: $17.80
Sale Price: 13.50
Savings: $4.30
(Out of Stock)
Scaldaferro Torrone with Almond Bar Caffarel Gianduia Spread Caffarel Gianduia Fondente Spread
Caffarel Gianduia Spread Cream 210gr.
Our Price: 14.80
In Stock
Scaldaferro Chocolate-Covered Torrone Bar Caffarel Gianduia Bitter Chocolates Scaldaferro Torrone with Pistachio Bar
Caffarel Gianduia Bitter Chocolates Bag 8.8oz
Our Price: $18.50
Sale Price: 15.50
Savings: $3.00
In Stock
Caffarel Nocciolotto Torinesi Caffarel Limoncello Chocolate Caffarel Papillon Easter Chocolate Eggs
Caffarel Gianduia Chocolates Caffarel Gianduia Chocolates Oval Tin
Caffarel Gianduia Chocolates Bag 8.8oz
Our Price: 18.50
In Stock
Caffarel New Gianduia 1865 Chocolates Oval Tin
Our Price: 28.95
(Out of Stock)
Caffarel Marrons Glaces (Candied Chestnuts) Gift Box
Our Price: $34.50
Sale Price: 29.50
Savings: $5.00
(Out of Stock)
Caffarel Gianduia Gift Box Caffarel Cones "Caffarellino" Gianduia Filled Caffarel Gianduia Bitter Chocolates
Caffarel Gianduia Gift Box
Our Price: 32.45
(Out of Stock)