Italian Smoked Pancetta (Approx. 0.75lb)

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Pancetta -- pahn CHAY tah -- is cured Italian pork. Pancetta is the knock-out slice on the cold cut tray or in panini. It's also the infrastructure for Italian food, along with extra virgin olive oil. It's the secret ingredient that underlies sauces and soups.

It's Smoked Pancetta (Pancetta Affumicata) that gives Spaghetti alla Carbonara its unique flavor. Or dice some smoked Pancetta and toss it into the extra virgin olive oil at the beginning of making a tomato sauce, even one with meat. As the sauce cooks down, the Pancetta will dissolve into it, infusing it with that subtle, indefinable quality that we associate with the best Italian cuisine. Smoked Pancetta works miracles in soup, too, especially minestrone (mee nay STROH nay). If you think soup that comes in a can is "Mmm mmm good," you owe it to yourself to make a real soup like minestrone. The recipe is flexible; use the herbs and vegetables you like best -- Cook's Choice. Make enough to freeze.

Origin: Italy
Weight: approx. 0.75lb

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