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How do I store my olives once I open the vacuum sealed package?

If you are not consuming all of the olives right away, simply make a saltwater brine (dissolve about ½ tsp salt to each 1 cup of water) for the remaining olives and store in a container in the fridge.

How do I store my packages of sliced cured meats once I open the vacuum sealed package?

Simply wrap them back up and place in the refrigerator, but we highly recommend consuming an opened package of all of our sliced cured meats within 24 hours of opening to ensure freshness. Unsliced meats will have a longer shelf life.

I just received my package and the gel packs inside are no longer cold. Are the items I bought still good to consume?

If you received and opened your package in a timely manner, yes, they are still good! We've tested out the temperature of our packages over the course of the shipping time extensively and have it down to a science! We pack refrigerated items both with gel packs and dry ice. By the time you receive them (in the case of refrigerated items shipping is expedited and received in a maximum of 2 days), the dry ice will have evaporated and the gel packs will have thawed a bit or completely, but this will have happened very recently, so all you need to do is put your items in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Also, it's always good to remember that many of the cured meats and cheeses we sell have been made for hundreds, even thousands of years – long before refrigeration – and were conceived as a way to preserve food naturally through salting and aging processes.

When I try to peel my sliced cured meats from the plastic sheets, they always tear. What should I do about this?

You can easily avoid this simply by letting the packages of sliced meats sit out on the counter for 10-15 minutes before opening and separating the slices from the plastic film. When the slices are too cold straight out of the fridge, they do tend to tear. Warming them up for just a few minutes does the trick.