Italian Sliced Porchetta (Approx. 0.40lb)

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Italian Sliced Porchetta (Approx. 0.40lb) Before there was luau, before there was BBQ, there was porchetta (pronounced pour-KAY-tah). Porchetta is made from pampered baby pig: herb-seasoned, steamed, lightly smoked, wood-fired. It is special even in Italy, where it is a designated traditional food, a "prodotto agroalimentare tradizionale."

The ancient Romans had a saying: "The pig was made for the banquet table." Trust them. They knew. A recipe from the two thousand-year old cookbook attributed to the gourmet Apicius is for a tender whole young pig, bones removed, seasoned with wild herbs, and slow roasted over a wood fire. Today, the traditional flavor is preserved but only pork shoulder is used, with the addition of steam to seal in the seasonings.

The ancient Romans knew so much about preparing pork that they gave us not just the way to prepare it, but the word itself. Latin porcus became Italian porco and then English pork. A porco is a big pig. Porchetta is a young, sucking pig.

Our porchetta has no sweeteners, no preservatives, no soy, no gluten. Just top-quality pork shoulder, special herbs and spices, peppercorns, salt, in a slice that can be 7 to 8 inches long -- twice as big as standard American cold cuts. A little of this flavorful, savory pork goes a long way. That's why it's thinly sliced.

Origin: Italy
Weight: approx. 0.40lbs

Sliced and Vacuum packed

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