Pirro Egg Garganelli Pasta all'uovo
Pirro Egg Garganelli Pasta all'uovo

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Pirro Garganelli egg pasta is a traditional Italian pasta variety characterized by its small, tube-shaped noodles, often ribbed on the outside, which provide a unique texture that captures and holds onto sauces effectively.

Made with high-quality durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs, Pirro Garganelli pasta boasts a rich golden hue and a velvety smoothness. The addition of eggs gives it a delicate richness and depth of flavor, setting it apart from other pasta varieties.

The production process involves rolling the pasta dough into thin sheets, which are then cut into small squares. These squares are then traditionally rolled onto a special wooden tool called a "pettine" or "comb" to create the characteristic ridges on the pasta's surface, allowing it to better cling to sauces.

Once cooked to al dente perfection, Pirro Garganelli egg pasta offers a satisfying chewiness and a luxurious mouthfeel. Its versatility makes it an ideal canvas for a wide range of sauces, from creamy Alfredo to robust ragù, allowing for endless culinary creativity in Italian cuisine. Rich in tradition and flavor, Pirro Garganelli egg pasta is a beloved staple in Italian kitchens and a testament to the artistry of pasta-making.

Product of Italy
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