Lauretana Italian Still Water 1.5lt
Lauretana Italian Still Water 1.5lt

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Lauretana is the lightest water in Europe. It springs in a pristine and wild ground at more than 1000 metres above sea level, in the North of Piedmont, surrounded by Biella Alps, a natural environment, protected and unpolluted, far from industrial and agricultural sites. It comes from the hydrogeological area of Monte Rosa glacier, that with its 4.600 metres overlooks the border between Italy and Switzerland: the mineral water flows deep, keeping unaltered all its organoleptic qualities and without running any risk of contamination.

This is merit of the bed of the path composed of granite, a crystalline rock of a very ancient geological composition : it filters and protects the mineral water from impurities, it keeps it microbiologically pure and it releases a low percentage of minerals: that is the reason why Lauretana is the lightest water in Europe.

The source springs directly on the surface, it freely flows and it is bottled thanks to the natural gravity, not to alter or destroy its vital molecules.

Nothing to do with the industrial pumping or other massive interventions, as it happens in the case of industrial sources, above all if in the plain , where the ground is drilled and the water collected in underground aquifer, often near industrial sites, dumps or countryside, running the risk of being contaminated by toxic chemical products.

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Lauretana is a light water: with only 14 milligrams per liter TDS (the quantity of minerals contained) it promotes a high diuresis that helps the organism to eliminate the residues of metabolism such as urea and creatinine.


Measured in French degrees (°F), it expresses the content of salts of the water, mainly Calcium and Magnesium; Lauretana is a soft water with only 0,55° F. This low hardness helps to prevent the development of kidney stones.

3. PH.

Lauretana pH is 6.3. Being slightly acidic, it helps digestion and contributes to preventing the oxidation processes. To calculate the effect of food on the acid- base equilibrium of the organism do not consider its pH but the so-called potential renal acid load (PRAL). Lauretana water is slightly alkalizing (PRAL - 0.7 mEq/d) but close to neutrality


Lauretana is a water of high purity; the source, situated at an altitude of 1050 m asl, is supposedly powered by the glaciers, far from waste disposal sites, industrial settlements, livestock farming or any other sources of pollution that could compromise its quality. Lauretana is bottled as born from the source.


Even if the content of sodium of a drinking water does not influence much the daily balance, we must take into account that the Western diet is too rich in sodium. Lauretana, besides the low TDS content, has also a very low quantity of sodium (only 1 milligram per liter) hence stimulating the diuresis and at the same time helping hydration.

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