Grilled fish with Bardi and Olio&Olive Lemon olive oil
By Chef Edoardo Baldi

This month, we are lucky to have a special recipe from Edoardo Baldi, chef-owner of the famous E. Baldi restaurant in Beverly Hills. Italian-born Edoardo knows olive oil, and he uses Olio&Olive hand- harvested extra virgin olive oils because of their unequaled flavors -- two different ones in this delicious, simple dish. Bardi extra virgin olive oil, our blend of four Tuscan olives, is used as a marinade. Olio&Olive extra virgin olive oil with lemon, made from two kinds of olives and lemon indigenous to the island of Sicily, finishes the dish.

For 4 lucky people


1. Coat the fish with Bardi on both sides.
2. In a food processor fitted with the metal blade, chop the rosemary and black peppercorns coarsely.
3. Pat the rosemary and black pepper onto both sides of the fish. Cover and let it marinate in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours. 4. When it is time to cook, heat a grill or a grill pan to very hot. Add a little bit of Bardi – just enough to coat the grill so that the fish doesn't stick. Cook at most for one minute. Take the fish off the grill and add Bardi again. Cook the other side of the fish at most for one minute.
5. Off heat, plate the fish. Pour a touch of Olio&Olive Lemon oil on top of each portion, along with a splash of our Margai Modena balsamic vinegar.

Buon appetito!