Tonno alla Griglia con Salsa di Ventresca Grilled Tuna with Ventresca sauce

Serves 4


1. Drain the oil from the ventresca tuna and put in a blender. Add the capers, mustard, lemon juice and the egg yolks. Start blending slowly adding the Paradiso extra virgin olive oil, until you have a thick, mayonnaise consistency sauce. Season with salt and pepper and refrigerate.
2. On a hot grill, sear the tuna steaks on both sides, for about 1-2 minutes per side. For best results, leave the tuna rare in the center.
3. To serve, slice each tuna steak into 2 triangles of the same size. Spoon a strip of sauce on each serving plate, and arrange the tuna triangles on top. You can garnish with a good aged balsamic vinegar or as desired.

Buon appetito!
Chef Roberto Maggioni