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Cornerstones of a healthy Mediterranean diet. Luckily, they are delicious too.
So carb up!
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La Valle Borlotti Beans La Valle Borlotti Beans 14oz/400gr.
Our Price: $3.40
Sale Price: $2.50
Savings: $0.90
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Dried Cannellini Beans Dried Cannellini Beans 17.6oz
Our Price: $3.90
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Dried Borlotti Beans Dried Borlotti Beans 17.6oz
Our Price: $4.50
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Italian Farro Perlato 17.6oz Italian Farro Perlato 17.6oz
Our Price: $5.95
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La Favorita Instant Polenta La Favorita Instant Polenta - 1KG/2.2lbs
Our Price: $7.50
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