Italian Whole Prosciutto Di Parma (Approx. 16-18lbs)

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This boneless Prosciutto di Parma comes from the same area as Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and balsamic vinegar. It has its own terroir, which makes the taste different from Prosciutto San Daniele.
Both Prosciutto San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma are naked food -- nothing here but ham, a minimal amount of sea salt (less than 6%), and mountain air. The perfect micro-climates create the perfect cured hams. As the thigh meat air dries, it loses more than a quarter of its weight. This creates concentrated flavor and protein. Two slices of Prosciutto di Parma, about one ounce, have about 75 calories.
It would be an insult to this deep red, high protein meat to slather it with mustard, coat it with sugar, or murder its delicate taste with pickles. Keep it simple. Savor it. Both Prosciutto San Daniele and Prosciutto di Parma work well as an appetizer on a plate of cold cuts with cheese and olives, or wrapped around melon, figs, peaches, pears, or mangoes, or scallops seared in olive oil. Chopped, they top off a quick, light pasta sauce of olive oil, prosciutto and peas. Or add some at the last minute to risotto. And you can't go wrong with either Prosciutto di Parma or Prosciutto San Daniele in panini.
Origin: Italy
Weight: approx. 16lbs

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