How To Use Fresh Truffles

Like a superb extra virgin olive oil used only for finishing, white truffles should not be
cooked. They are grated, sliced, or shaved over the top of the food after it is fully cooked.
Fresh truffles have to be used within a few days of purchase. Otherwise, the aroma will
dissipate. Your kitchen will smell wonderful but you won’t be happy.

Black truffles can be cooked – gently – and preserved in many ways to prolong their use.
Pureeing white or black truffles and combining them with olive oil is one of the most
traditional ways. Drying them with salt is another. The truffle scent permeates the oil or
the salt, which has a longer shelf life than the truffle by itself. Butter infused with truffle
essence or truffle pieces is also an affordable luxury.

So, treat yourself to a flurry of fresh white truffle flakes on top of pasta, risotto, egg, or
meat dishes. Or drop a dollop of Truffle Cream – white or black – onto a potato. Swirl
some into soup. Elevate a burger: drizzle Truffle Oil on it, or sprinkle it with Truffle Salt. For
the ultimate cheeseburger, spread a bit of our Parmigiano Truffle Cream on it. Finish a
meal with Appenino Pecorino Truffle Cheese. Or choose another of our sharp Italian
cheeses, and top it with White Truffle Honey. Having White Truffle Honey be the last food
you taste on the tip of your tongue at the end of the evening is the closest you can get to
a guarantee of sweet sleep and sublime dreams.

Truffle Heaven!