How to Serve Cheese

How To Serve CheeseCheese, like humans, is extremely sensitive to temperature. It prefers the temperature at which it was ripened, 55-60 F. Your refrigerator is about 20-25 degrees cooler than that, at 35-40 F. So don’t take cheese out of the refrigerator and put it straight on the table.
“Room temperature” isn't much of a guide, either, because room temp in Minnesota is substantially different from room temp in Los Angeles. Just let the cheese warm up a bit from the refrigerator temperature, but not too much. It matured in the shade, so don’t leave it out in the sun, either. Be comforted in knowing that hot or cold, once it hits the table, an Italian cheese isn't going to last long.

A bonus: serving cheese at the end of the meal activates its tooth decay-retarding properties.

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